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Speed Secrets Weekly #181Speed Secrets Weekly’s always-popular contributor Jeff Braun let you in on the secrets to setting up shocks (not so secret anymore!). In great detail, Ross explains how to improve your adaptability, focusing on corner understeer and oversteer.

Speed Secrets Weekly #193: Preparation is not just one thing, it’s everything. Matt Romanowski shows you how to use your data system to prepare for the upcoming season. Ross writes that changing your belief system is important to your preparation.

Speed Secrets Weekly #204: This issue is all about how to use your vision when track driving. Jeff McKague, a certified sports vision trainer, shows you how to connect the dots to drive through corners. Ross says you can develop your ability to mentally envision blind corners.

Speed Secrets Weekly #214: Driving to the limit – or your own personal limit – is the focus of this issue. Professional driver coach Mike Zimicki tells you how to find the limit. Ross explains that mistakes are just “learning-takes,” and reports on his experience at this year’s Nurburgring trip.

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