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Speed Secrets Weekly delivers information in a simple-to-use, entertaining way. All business with no fun is no way to learn. That’s been a key to Ross Bentley’s success in delivering driver and instructor training for decades. It’s why his Speed Secrets books are the best selling series of driving books of all time; it’s why he is so in-demand as a both a coach and presenter (seminars, workshops, keynote talks). And it’s one of the main reasons Speed Secrets Weekly subscribers just can’t wait for each issue to arrive on Tuesday mornings.


The main topics include:

  • Performance & race driving tips
  • Data acquisition, simulators & video
  • Car setup advice
  • Track-specific info & tips
  • Thought-provoking quotes & comments
  • Preparation techniques
  • Fascinating and/or funny stories
  • Mental preparation strategies
  • Motorsport sponsorship advice
  • Resources, opinions & stories


Speed Secrets Weekly is conveniently delivered to your email inbox every Tuesday morning, in time for you to have recovered from the past driving weekend, and with time to prepare for the next. No need to go to a website, Facebook, the newsstand; flip past endless pages of advertising; download another app; search various forums; and who knows what else. No fuss, no muss. Speed Secrets Weekly provides you with what you want – information to make you a better driver – when you want it.

If you want to learn, if you want to be entertained, then Speed Secrets Weekly is for you.

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For less than a cup of coffee each month, you can conveniently get your weekly dose of education & entertainment delivered directly to your email inbox each Tuesday morning.

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Getting info that others can’t. That’s what Speed Secrets Weekly is all about.

Ross Bentley started Speed Secrets Weekly because of what he had heard from drivers, instructors, engineers and others everywhere. They wanted information – tips and knowledge in an entertaining way – but they didn’t want to have to go looking for it. The idea of the information you want, when you want it was something that struck a chord with everyone Ross talked to.

So, Speed Secrets Weekly was born. It didn’t hurt that Ross enjoys writing and loves to share what he knows with others. In fact, there was a moment where he thought, “Finally, a place that I can share all of my content in one place, rather than in books and articles or on Facebook and my website!” But Ross also realized that you might get bored with only his input, so he asked a few friends to contribute – dozens of them! In fact, that’s a highlight of Speed Secrets Weekly – the quality, exclusive content from a guest contributor every week.

Speed Secrets Weekly does not provide the news – that’s what the internet is for. What it does provide is something you can’t get anywhere else.


After racing for over 30 years and coaching tens of thousands of drivers, Ross has collected more than a few things to say about driving and the sport. If you’ve found his Speed Secrets books helpful (apparently, 70,000 or so people have…), conveniently receiving quality content on a weekly basis is something you’ll want. But before you think this is just the same old content from his books, think again. Practically all of the content is new, and the feature articles from the contributors is information you’ve never seen before – or will be able to get anywhere else.


There’s something for every driver:

  • Road racers
  • Oval racers
  • Rally / Rallycross drivers
  • Drifting
  • Track day drivers
  • HPDE drivers
  • High performance drivers
  • Car club drivers
  • Pro / elite level racers


In addition to Ross Bentley’s tips, advice, opinions & resources, each issue features a famous or not-so-famous contributor, such as:

  • Allen Berg
  • Brian Bonner
  • David Brabham
  • Colin Braun
  • Jeff Braun
  • Bruce Cleland
  • James Colborn
  • Andrew Comrie-Picard
  • Dr. Jacques Dallaire
  • Ed Dellis
  • Frank Greif
  • Paul Haney
  • Chuck Hawks
  • Simon Hayes
  • Ryan Hieronymous
  • Don Kitch
  • Peter Krause
  • Tom Long
  • Valerie Maloof
  • David Murry
  • David Ray
  • Matt Romanowski
  • Rob Shermerhorn
  • Ryan Staub
  • Ingrid Steffensen
  • Davin Sturdivant
  • Karl Thomson
  • Johannes van Overbeek
  • Kevin York
  • Mike Zimicki

What subscribers are saying…

“Speed Secrets Weekly is, plainly stated, FANTASTIC! Easy to read, easy to understand, just the facts, no BS. And, undoubtedly, the best driving instruction bargain anyone could hope to obtain. Worth much, much, more than the low price we pay…” Robert U.

“A great Tuesday morning read. Each contributor has something important to say & the information is easy to understand. At least one good takeaway or two is in each issue. To top it off, the way Ross adds humor & a quick coaching tip makes it a complete package. It’s the best $$$ I’ve ever spent!”

Mark S.

“I’m impressed with the consistent quality of your publication. It’s fueling the fire of my desire to get more instruction to become a better driver. I do track day events and work lots on my car when it’s me who needs adjustments. Thank you for caring to do this so well.” Brian P.

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